The Friendly Skies (Part Three)

The Friendly Skies Part One:

The Friendly Skies Part Two:

I woke up with the strong welcoming force of gravity surrounding me.  No bumping, no nudging, just the feeling of ground a few feet below us, the site of normal sized buildings out the window and the glorious tarmac.  Mutton took the return of gravity as his queue to stand up and rescue his precious jacket.  Mr. NBA quickly followed needing to stretch his long legs.  He walked a few rows forward, and turned around to see Mutton jacket in hand ready to display to the first individual who made eye contact.  Mr. NBA step forward, toe to toe with Mutton, turned his head downwards so Mutton could see how unentertained he was.  Sternly Mr. NBA began to speak, 

“You will sit down, and you will be quiet.  You personally have made this the worst flight of my life.  I’m 6 foot 6 inches tall, do you know how hard it is to sit in a cramped sit for 4 hours when you’re that tall.  I do, I just did it, all because I didn’t want to talk to you.  And this, this is the jacket, that you caused a fuss over?  My son just won his pee wee basketball championship.  I bought him the same jacket last week, it cost $30, and you had to prove your point over it.  You want your slice of the pie?  Learn to pack so you can carry on your bag, or stop whinning.  You’ve tormented me, and I’m sure a few more people on this plane over the last four hours.  You will not say another word until you are out of this airport.  No one here cares about your jacket, or your magic tricks, they’re all happy the flight landed safely, and they don’t have to deal with you anymore.  Repay there patiences with silence until you get home.”

Mr. NBA had said what we had all been thinking, the rest of the passengers applauded Mr. NBA, Mutton following orders sat down and shut up.

Mr. NBA… my hero.
Mutton, beyond words …AWKWARD!



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2 responses to “The Friendly Skies (Part Three)

  1. Fantastic story. Mutton the Magician represents oh so many of those horrid people we strive to avoid, on the ground or otherwise, but especially in the air.

    I love Mr. NBA’s speech and even more, I love that it actually shut that dude up. So glad you drank both drinks!!

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