Is it Awkward?

Upon returning from your trip to the warehouse discount store, you fumble to carry in a 50+ package of extra cushion toilet paper.  Over the top of the package you eye the cutie from your building that you’ve been dying to talk too.  They smile and say, “I see you like to pamper your butt as well.” 



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2 responses to “Is it Awkward?

  1. Obviously, the cutie is trying to break the ice by sharing his/her fondness for a clean ass. Nothing awkard. What about finding out your internet lover is your sibling?

  2. As cutie has spoken first, your reply should be along the lines of, “I like to look after my visitors”. Don’t say, “Fanny”, in case cutie is English.
    That could be awkward.

    A pack of bumpf fell off my trolley a few months ago. A helpful chap ran after me to return it. He was no cutie but a charmer non the less. (And I am as straight as a die).

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